5 Use Cases for WHOIS Database Download

As robust as they appear, information services on the Internet sometimes fall short of providing users with the background they need on specific individuals or companies. At times, search engine lookups point users to superficial sources, such as company profiles and brief features. Unfortunately, those won’t cut it.

Meanwhile, some types of research activities call for a technical, yet more discreet approach to data discovery. When assembling evidence for litigation support or conducting a third-party risk assessment, for instance, companies prefer to collect passive data, rather than asking subjects outright.

With these reasons in mind, WHOIS databases can be reliable sources that enable users to dig deeper into the ownership details of public-facing Web properties. When compared to API-based lookups, database downloads provide bigger data sets for local access. Such a local database allows performing queries very efficiently on a chosen subset of all available WHOIS data, even sophisticated and complex ones, using spreadsheet software, database systems, or exquisite custom solutions.

These do not need further network requests for the input data, as they are downloaded at once. Let’s take a closer look at how access to a WHOIS database download offering can aid in your efforts.

WHOIS Database Download Applications

Over the past few years, we have indexed requests between WHOIS servers and clients, making our database one of the most comprehensive on the market. It encompasses 300 million domains across thousands of major generic (gTLDs) and country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs). Here are a few ways in which users can get the most out of our WHOIS Database Download offering.

Performing Cyber Investigations

WHOIS Database Download enables cybersecurity analysts to map an attacker’s infrastructure effectively. With it, users can retrieve an attacker’s hosts for further inspection by looking for commonalities in the registrant information. A shared registrant, for instance, between an identified malicious domain and a seemingly harmless one, may indicate ties to the same criminal or gang.

Fraud Protection

WHOIS Database Download assists in multiple ways for threat analysis and detection. E-commerce sites and payment facilities can use the data feed to scan for malicious hostnames that may have interacted with their network (according to their network logs) to prevent fraud and account abuse. Online merchants and service providers can also use the repository to identify and block malicious domains. Spam blocklist owners and antimalware solution vendors can also depend on WHOIS Database Download to update their blocklists by looking for connected domains.

Tracking Domain Movements and Transfers

Registrars, domainers, and website owners can refer to WHOIS Database Download to follow domain state changes and movements. They can use the feed to audit changes to domains they own to see if these underwent any unauthorized modifications. They can also refer to the database to obtain the server names or former owners’ contact details of domains they recently acquired, should there be any problem with their transfer.

Market Research

Market researchers can use WHOIS Database Download to individually inspect the domain records of third parties for any sign of compromise before committing yourself to partnerships and mergers. They can also use WHOIS information to study domains of interest or those owned by competitors.

Brand Protection

Brand managers can prevent cybersquatters and counterfeiters from infringing their trademark rights with WHOIS Database Download. Users can find lookalikes of their domains in the feed to support Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) and trademark disputes. They can also use WHOIS data to prevent falling prey to reverse domain name hijacking attacks, wherein perpetrators attempt to seize domains that existed before their company trademarks were approved. With a domain’s technical and abuse contact details at hand, WHOIS Database Download users can also get in touch with the owners or registrars of offending domains to request a takedown.

Users can always try unconventional means of looking up meaningful data for their work. That said, they can rely on WHOIS Database Download to gather invaluable information on websites, companies, and individuals that are not usually present in traditional data sources.